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Kiss My Math: Showing Pre-Algebra Who's Boss

From the author of the runaway bestseller Math Doesn’t Suck, the next step in the math curriculum-- pre-Algebra.

Last year, actress and math genius Danica McKellar made waves nationwide, challenging the “math nerd” stereotype—and giving girls the tools to ace tests and homework in her unique just-us-girls style. Now, in her book Kiss My Math, McKellar empowers a new crop of girls—7th to 9th graders—taking on the next level of mathematics: pre-Algebra.

Stepping up not only the math, but also the sass and style, Kiss My Math will help math-phobic teenagers everywhere chill out about math, and finally “get” negative numbers, variables, absolute values, exponents, and more. Each chapter features:

• Step-by-step instruction
• Time-saving tips and tricks
• Illuminating practice problems with detailed solutions
• Real-world examples
• True stories from Danica’s own life as a student and actress

Kiss My Math also includes more fun extras--including personality quizzes, reader polls, and real-life testimonials-- ultimately revealing why pre-Algebra is easier, more relevant, and more glamorous than girls think.

About the Author

Best known for her roles on The Wonder Years and The West Wing, Danica McKellar is also an internationally recognized mathematician. She was chosen as ABC World News Tonight’s “Person of the Week” for writing Math Doesn’t Suck and has recently been featured in Newsweek and The New York Times, and on the CBS Early Show, and NPR’s Science Friday.

Click on the link below to buy the book.

Kiss My Math: Showing Pre-Algebra Who's Boss

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