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Relentless, remorseless, and inspirational, this "horrific, hope-filled story" (Newsday) is certain to haunt a generation of readers. Precious Jones, 16 years old and pregnant by her father with her second child, meets a determined and highly radical teacher who takes her on a journey of transformation and redemption.


"You feel you've witnessed nothing less than the birth of a soul." —Entertainment Weekly

"Affecting and impassioned. . . . Sails on the strength of pure, stirring feeling." —The New York Times Book Review

"A fascinating novel that may well find a place in the African-American literary canon. . . . With a fresh new voice that echoes the streets, Sapphire's work is sure to win as many hearts as it disturbs minds." —Philadelphia Inquirer

"A horrific, hope-filled story [that is] brilliant, blunt, merciless." —Newsday

"Brutal, redemptive. . . . You just can't take your eyes off Precious Jones." —Newsweek

"A stunningly frank effort that marks the emergence of an immensely promising writer." —Los Angeles Times Book Review

"[Sapphire] writes with a poet's ear for rhythms, in a voice that pushes her story relentlessly into your mind." —Interview

"Push . . . develops so richly and fearlessly that one cannon resist its power." —Elle

"Precious's story, told through her own unique style and spelling, is a major achievement. It documents a remarkable resilience of spirit." —Boston Globe

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