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The Hour I First Believed

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The title of the book grabs you big time. Wally Lamb's The Hour I First Believed is at the New York Times' Best Seller List. For people planning on some serious reading, this is one recommended item.

Wally Lambs weaves a story of such intensity out of the 1999 Columbine High School shooting tragedy. His character, Maureen, emerges traumatized and struggling over the incident. Another character, Caelum, was not spared with the dark secrets of his family.

The collage of fear, grief, anger and guilt grips at readers but eventually brings redemption. For those who enjoy the profound and desire to be transported now and then to a different world and pathos, then this is one great book to read.

The hardcover fiction can be bought from Harper Collins and Amazon.

Click here to buy the book The Hour I First Believed.

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I think a literary blog is a great idea...I love literature, and a lot of these books look interesting...I always need good recommendations!
I have a poetry blog:
if you have time, I'd appreciate any feedback?
I'll be following this blog now :)


Thanks for checking out my blog. This specific one of yours caught my eye. And this book did as well. I'll be keeping in touch. (:


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